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Buy or rent NextGen UTM firewalls
- Network security at its best

More unsophisticated

Network protection

Reliable defense against espionage, ransomware and cyber attacks. Don't give Trojans and viruses a chance!


Firewall manufacturer

IT security made in Germany for the most secure data encryption, EU GDPR ready and guaranteed free of backdoors!

High end

Content filter

Safe browsing with all devices in the network: prevent unwanted access through clear rules for data traffic.



Data security according to the highest standard thanks to "Privacy by Design" and development in Germany.

NextGen UTM firewalls

The best firewall for companies is characterized by effectiveness and efficiency: network security and performance must be equally at the top level. The analysis of the incoming and outgoing data takes place either on an external firewall appliance or through the personal firewall directly on the end device.

Personal firewall

The personal firewall is a firewall software that is installed directly on the user's computer. It offers a basic level of protection for the individual end device, but not for the network.

External firewall

The external firewall is also called a hardware firewall, as a combination of firewall software and dedicated, high-performance hardware is often used. The external firewall is placed between two networks, for example between the corporate network and the Internet. In this way, all end devices integrated behind the firewall are protected. Due to the optimized hardware, the external firewall usually runs more reliably than a personal firewall.

NextGen UTM firewalls are always external firewalls that protect the entire network with all end devices it contains. The extremely slim firewall software runs on powerful hardware and accesses the data in the threat intelligence feed from Securepoint's Cyber ​​Defense Cloud in real time. In this way, current threats are immediately integrated into the configuration of the security guidelines and potential attacks are reduced.


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