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Smart mobile phone (cellphone) security

The ideal antivirus for business

Securepoint provides every customer with a comprehensive central management portal for the operation of Securepoint Antivirus Pro in the company. The portal shows all installed client systems including their license, update and infection status. It does not matter at which location the individual devices are located, as communication is secured via the Internet.

Reliable and fast virus scanner for companies

Antivirus protection is standard in every company today. There are two basic requirements. Performance and a strong recognition rate. The award-winning scan engine, which is integrated in the Securepoint Antivirus Pro, is fundamentally responsible for both. The IKARUS T3.scan.engine is one of the best in the world.


Antivirus Pro for Business

One of the best
Scan engines

Antivirus Pro uses the IKARUS T3.scan.engine and thus one of the best available engines worldwide.

More comprehensive
Virus protection

Protects PCs and servers against viruses / malware using on-access scanners and scheduled on-demand scans.

Cloud management

Manage license, update and infection status regardless of the location of the device in one interface.

System resources

The system architecture of Antivirus Pro is designed to work quickly and resource-efficiently.

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